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The Best Mochi Mixes in the World!

It's a big claim, but our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative creations are tasted in every yummy mochi bite (and we've got the industry rewards to back it up).

5 Star Reviews

High Quality & Good Service

Been using this mochi donut mix at our store for 3+ years adn have been very happy with it! High quality and good customer service! Works perfectly with my bubble tea store.

Tiffany X.

The Best I've Ever Had!

The best pancake mix and the best GLUTEN FREE pancake mix I've ever had! Truly a game changer, my kids love it!

James H.

The Mixes are so Good!

The waffle mixes are so good, the recipe is easy, and the waffles come out crispy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside. Ube is our favorite!

Melissa K.