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Launched from beautiful Hawaii in 2016, Mochi Foods has become a global leader in providing award-winning mochi-powered mixes. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative creations are tasted in every yummy Mochi bite.

About Mochi Wholesale

Mochi Foods welcomes partnerships with retailers, distributors, & businesses seeking to offer premium mochi products to their customers. With flexible wholesale options, competitive pricing, & reliable shipping services, we aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

Wholesale FAQs

What is the price of your mochi mix?

How many donuts can I make from one bag of mochi mix, and what determines the quantity?

Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

What is the shipping timeframe for orders?

How are shipping prices calculated?

Do you offer international shipping?

Can I sample your mochi mix before placing a bulk order?

What is the shelf life of your mochi mix?

Do you provide any recipes or instructions for making mochi donuts?

How can I place an order or get in touch with your sales team?

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