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The Mochi Foods team is amazing! They got us started with the right products and equipment. The recipes are clear, and we found ways to change them just enough to make them our own. Any time we ran into a challenge, they were there to help us! And they put us on their website, so people can find us.

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Our bakery’s most popular items include the Mochi Donut and Brown Sugar Boba (Mini Q) Cream Puff & Pudding. Thanks Mochi Foods!

Peter Kao, Sunmerry Bakery Cafe
Mochi Donuts From Sunmerry Bakery
Pan De Joy Employee With Mochi Donuts

The Mochi Foods team assisted us tremendously with your products as well as with the operation of the donut fryer. I did not anticipate all the intricate details that went into making the donuts, icing and maintenance of the donut fryer. Can’t imagine how we could have opened without their help. I highly recommend hiring your consultant Bryson during the initial setup of the business and for on-going questions and concerns. He is extremely responsive and professional.

We look forward to expanding our mochi donut operations and exploring your various other products!

Heather Kim, Pon De Joy