June 17, 2020

National Donut Day Is June 5 And Mochi Donuts Are The Star Of The Show

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The Future of Instagram-Worthy Treats is the Hawaiian Mochi Donut

2013: The Year of the Cronut
2014: The Year of the Cookie Shot
2015: The Year of the Mega Milkshakes
2020: The Year of the Hawaiian Mochi Donut
The past decade has seen a variety of unique, fun dessert trends (not all of which were started by Dominique Ansel) take over different food scenes across the country. Not only have all of these desserts become massively popular food items, causing eager patrons to stand in line for a fleeting taste of these stunning and tasty treats, they’ve also become internet sensations, leaping off the screen with bright colors and visible textures.

Now, it’s time for the Hawaiian Mochi Donut to shine.

Get to know this unique treat:

Mochi Foods Hawaiian Mochi Donuts are made with a glutinous rice flour that gives an extra chewiness to each bite. The Hawaiian Mochi Donut is made with a premixed powder that was created through tireless efforts to find the perfect rice flour. The flour was chosen based on taste and that wonderful chewy texture on the inside and crispy exterior that produces a truly toothsome treat. All of the Mochi Foods Hawaii products have a unique mochi taste and Q texture that were developed by an acclaimed Taiwanese food scientist team. The “Q” factor is Taiwan’s version of the Italian “al dente,” representing the perfectly calibrated “mouth feel,” sought after and craved by savvy chefs and diners alike. The flavor? Well, that’s where you come in; there are nearly unlimited options when it comes to adding flavors and other textures to your Hawaiian Mochi Donuts by Mochi Foods.

When restaurants and bakeries become part of the Mochi Foods ‘ohana (family), they don’t just receive a bag of premix; they receive support, ideas, and collaboration — a true partnership, with Mochi Foods owner Pei Wu. In addition to this quality product she provides product knowledge and consulting services to help create the perfect products for your customers, as well as assistance with selecting and ordering any necessary equipment, and more.

“I really like to work with chefs to create different ideas. The most fun part of this whole business is supporting chefs as they get the spark to create their own donuts; the sky’s the limit with our premixes,” Wu said.
Here’s something to chew on…

According to Candy & Snack Today, a trade publication by the National Confectioners Association, there are a variety of food trends for 2020 that Hawaiian Mochi Donuts hit the mark on:

“Other” flours: “Seasoned and amateur bakers are looking for creative ingredients and an array of interesting flours…to entice the adventurous.” Our rice flour may not seem exotic, but the way that we use it certainly is.

Texture is also coming into focus for diners. The trade report mentions that “Innova reports 45 percent of US and U.K. consumers are influenced by texture when making purchases, while 68 percent are of the opinion that texture contributes to a more interesting experience.” When customers bite into a Hawaiian Mochi Donut, they get both crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Because the premix is highly customizable, individual restaurants and bakers can also add their own flare, opening up the product to incorporate other trending ingredients. Items mentioned in the report that would go great with Hawaiian Mochi Donuts include Kona coffee (another wonderful Hawaiian product), unusual butters (made with pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, etc), and complex sugars that rely on natural sweetness (think glazes made from sweet potatoes).

Mochi Foods premixes can be used to make a wide variety of products including: bread, donuts, waffles, pancakes, hamburger buns, churros, and so much more. They make great additions to bakeries, restaurants, and food trucks. They’re wonderful as desserts and snacks and make a fun addition to any brunch service.

You’re only limited by how far your imagination… and Hawaiian Mochi Donut dough… will stretch.

Mochi-based desserts and pastries are not over-the-top or hard to prepare (unless you want them to be). They are highly customizable and appeal to a wide variety of people. Americans aren’t unfamiliar with desserts and snacks with Asian ingredients and techniques. The Hong Kong-style egg waffle and Thai rolled ice cream have both had their moments in the past few years.

“The Hawaiian Mochi Donut is a treat that visitors and locals alike have developed a passion for. Hawaii is the place in the middle of the Pacific where East meets West. It’s easy for lots of different people to fall in love with the food that comes from Hawaii, and Hawaiian Mochi Donuts are no exception,” Wu said.

Use Mochi Foods products to:

Breathe new life into an aging menu

Appeal to new customers by offering the next big thing

Be inclusive of customers with dietary restrictions

Create visually stunning treats that not only taste good, but create excitement and demand

Mochi Foods Hawaiian Mochi Donuts are currently being served at locations in 13 states in the US, as well as some international locations. Stores are popping up to serve their own versions of the treat, snacks that are both sweet and savory. At Mochill in San Francisco they’re topping donuts with Fruity Pebbles and Kinako (a soybean powder popular in Japan). At King’s Hawaiian in Torrance, CA they’re serving up a traditional Hawaiian loco moco using a mochi donut to replace the rice. At Fat Straws Bubble Tea Co. in Richardson, TX their “Chewy Puff Donuts” include cookies and cream and strawberry flavors. At Liliha Bakery in Honolulu their poi donuts are just as popular as their famous coco puffs.

Mochi Foods has premixes available for donuts, waffles, bread, and pancakes. In addition, there is a gluten-free option that won the Monde Select Gold Award in 2019.

To learn more about how Mochi Foods Hawaiian Mochi Donuts premixes can help bring in additional income and new customers to your establishment.

Media requiring high-res images, courtesy of MOCHI FOODS, will find them here https://bit.ly/36DwyHS

About Mochi Foods Hawaii

Mochi Foods Hawaii offers a variety of products to make tasty treats that are delicious any time of the day. Mochi Foods’ award-winning premixes help both home chefs and professional chefs create their own unique takes on mochi donuts, waffles, breads, pancakes, and bubble waffles that all have a unique mochi taste and chewy texture. Mochi Foods Hawaii is a woman-owned business that reflects the owner’s passion for East meets West treats. Her experience owning bakeries and confectionaries helped her create these fun, flavorful products that uphold high standards of authenticity and quality.