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MochiHaus offers food consulting services to expedite the research and development process for entrepreneurs from concept to commercialization. We work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, high-quality products, and premier customer service.


Do you have to have any prior knowledge of baking/cooking?

No. As the only trusted partner of Mochi Foods, the USA's premier mochi donut pre-mix brand, MochiHaus has the expertise and tools needed to help get you up and running as soon as possible with little to no experience. 


What equipment is sourced for us?

On average, it takes 4-6 months to acquire all official Belshaw equipment and attachments. We provide all the equipment you need, hassle-free, with no wait time. 


What is recommended for opening a new Mochi Donut store?

Our package is specifically designed for those who wish to expedite the research and development process and do it right from the start. Typically customers take an average 6-8 months just to figure out the right recipe. With our consulting package, in 3 days you'll be able to make mochi donuts with a special curated recipe just for your store, have any and as many flavors customized, and 24/7 personalized 1:1 service. 


What's in conceptual product and flavor development?

MochiHaus was built to turn exciting ideas into reality. We have tested and experimented with numerous concepts, and have the knowledge and capabilities to bring your ideas to life. 


The MochiHaus team assisted us tremendously with your products as well as with the operation of the donut fryer. I did not anticipate all the intricate details that went into making the donuts, icing and maintenance of the donut fryer. Can’t imagine how we could have opened without their help. I highly recommend hiring Bryson during the initial setup of the business and for on-going questions and concerns. He is extremely responsive and professional.

We look forward to expanding our mochi donut operations and exploring your various other products!

Heather Kim, Pon De Joy

MochiHaus has been tremendous help, as a first time business owner and without any donut making experience they helped me to set up the business and get things going.  They clearly explained recipes and showed us the best ingredients to use. Couldn’t have done this without help from Mochi Foods.

I am proud to say that our customers are saying that our mochi donuts are one of the best tasting donuts in New Jersey!

Kiyoung Hong, Mochimoly

The MochiHaus team is amazing! They got us started with the right products and equipment. The recipes are clear, and we found ways to change them just enough to make them our own. Any time we ran into a challenge, they were there to help us! And they put us on their website, so people can find us. 

Our bakery’s most popular items include the Mochi Donut and Brown Sugar Boba (Mini Q) Cream Puff & Pudding. Thanks Mochi Foods! 

The MochiHaus team has always been there if we have had any issues or questions. Whether it is by email or over the phone, we will always get a response. The recipes and instructional videos are extremely helpful.

MochiHaus has been a game changer! We were able to streamline our donut making process. 

Joshuel Alop, Mochi By Okashi Fusion 

We wanted to expand our business and add mochi donuts to our existing menu. We contacted the MochiHaus team and asked about mochi donuts and they sent us the right information and products that we needed and got us connected with the correct items.

The MochiHaus team has assisted us very well, and we are very happy with the product. Their communication was clear and prompt. Thank you MochiHaus!

Christine Hang, Rak Thai

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