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Premixes, add-ins, boba, and more! In addition to high-quality, award-winning food products, Mochi Foods offers manufacturers and industrial customers the distribution and fast access that helps to guarantee success. Our premixes may be labeled “waffle” or “bread,” but once you get to know the properties of these products, you’ll find that they can become so much more than that. Bread becomes muffins, waffles become swiss rolls. The sky’s the limit when you start with our premix bases.

We know that manufacturers have unique needs, thanks to the complexities of your business. The additional labeling, regulatory, and logistical requirements that come with servicing foodservice and supermarket outlets can be challenging. At Mochi Foods, we are both manufacturer and distributor of our products, which cuts out some of the headache and logistics of working with multiple points of contact. Our goal is to make ordering and receiving as easy as possible so that you can get our products to your customers and seamlessly as possible.

Targeted Solutions for manufacturers

  • Highest quality ingredients, ideas, and well-researched formulas to help create signature items and on-trend products that consumers crave
  • Regulatory compliance and support, including nutritional information for all products
  • Rapid sourcing and short lead time on unique ingredients to provide what you need, when you need it
  • Gluten-free and vegan options allow you to reach specialty markets

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Interested in becoming a part of the Mochi Foods ‘ohana? We’re here to help. Use our contact form to reach out with bulk orders, questions, concerns, product suggestions, or just to drop us a line!

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