January 1, 2022

Holy Mochimoly

MILLBURN, NJ — For people looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, there is a new dessert shop coming to Millburn with tasty treats all made with one essential ingredient — mochi.

Construction is currently underway at Mochimoly — the new sweet shop on 315 Millburn Ave. that will sell mochi ice cream, donuts and even hot dogs.

Ki Hong — one of the owners of the store — said they expect to open around mid-January or early February of 2022.

The store is also opening a location in Park Ridge, NJ.

Hong said mochi is becoming a popular trend across the United States and he wanted to bring it to New Jersey because there are not very many stores in the area just yet.

“[Mochi] is very popular in California and it’s slowly making its way to the East Coast. I think the first store in New York City opened maybe like two and half years ago. So there’s only a handful, I would say maybe like six or seven, in New Jersey.”

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Hong said he used to live in Livingston and knew Millburn was a “trendy town” that would be a great location for Mochimoly.

For those who don’t know, mochi is a Japanese rice cake made out of mochigome — a soft and chewy rice — and other ingredients, such as water, sugar and cornstarch. The rice is pounded into a paste and molded into a desired shape.

Hong said the mochi is not 100 percent gluten free, but contains very little gluten. He plans on sending the mochi to a lab to test how much gluten is actually in it.

Donuts Made Daily

The mochi donuts will be made fresh daily at the store. They are described as a hybrid between classic American fried donuts and sweet and chewy Japanese rice cakes.

Hong said to expect unique donut flavors such as tres leches, coffee, cola and orange cream.

The mochi hotdogs, sometimes referred to as rice dogs, are essentially corndogs, except the hotdogs are rolled in mochi batter that is then deep fried and finished with a sprinkle of sugar. These made-to-order hotdogs will come with a variety of customization options. This includes adding potato or spicy jalapeno, according to Hong.

Hong estimated that pricing will be around $2.50 per donut and about $30 for a dozen.

To see more images of the tasty mochi treats, check out Mochimoly’s website.