Gluten Free Mochi Pancake Hawaii Original

Our Gluten-Free Pancake Mix is available in the Hawaii Original flavor. Prefer waffles to pancakes? The mixes are just as yummy in a waffle maker as they are on a pancake griddle!

Gluten Free Mochi Donut Mix

Having trouble hopping on the mochi donut trend thanks to gluten intolerance? Our Gluten-Free Mochi Donut Mix is just waiting to show up on your Instagram feed and impress all of your followers.

Gluten Free Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Our purple sweet potato powders not only add a beautiful, vibrant color to foods like pancakes, breads, milks, ice cream, and more, it also brings a healthy dose of antioxidants to your table.


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We are pleased to announce that our Gluten-Free Pancake/Waffle Mix has been selected for the prestigious Monde Gold Selection in 2019 and 2020. This award, offered by the prestigious International Quality Institute, illustrates products that are outstanding based on the Institute’s strict criteria. 

Please note that these products have been processed in a facility that also processes food containing wheat.


Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Hawaii Original!  Chewy and fluffy, a blank slate to create your perfect breakfast.

Rice Flour, Modified Starch, Baking Powder, Xanthan Gum.

2.2lbs – $13.99


4.5lbs – $24.99


Gluten Free Mochi Donuts


Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean free from flavor and fun.

Modified Starch, Sugar, Rice Flour, Hulled Millet, Potato
Starch, Dough Improver.

4.5lbs – $30.99 (sample only in this size)


22 lbs -$90.00


Gluten Free Mochi Donuts

Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Add a punch of purple and powerful antioxidants to your goodies.

Taro, Purple Sweet Potato, Lecithin.

2.2 lbs -$24.99


Mochi Souffle Pancakes

Gluten Free Mochi Souffle Pancakes

View more recipes  >

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