1. What products do you specialize in?

 Our specialty is dry powder premixes that are easy to use at your commercial kitchen or home.

2. What mixes are gluten free?

We offer 2 gluten free mixes that can also be prepared vegan: gf mochi pancake/waffle mix and gf mochi donut mix. 

3. Do you sell directly?

 Yes, contact us for more information or ask about our trusted distributors.

4. Do you sell donut machines or donut fryers?

 No, we do not. However, we have strong relationships with official distributors who can help our customers with the best rates.

5. What is the difference between mix and premix?

 Premix is a baking industry term for any mix that you need to add additional ingredients to, besides water.

6. Where Do You distribute your products?

 Our products are available for sale nationally and internationally.  Contact us for details.

7. Are your products safe and approved?

 Yes, please contact us for more information.

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