Create your own Donut Bar

We provide turnkey solutions so if you have ever wanted to create your own donut experience, we can help. Whether you want to create exclusive pop-up dining events, tuck your bar into a nostalgic food truck, or host a small donut bar storefront, we’ve got all of the tools and expertise to help you get started. The team at Mochi Foods can walk you through the entire process, from concept, recipe development, equipment ordering, design, and more — we’re here to help with everything that you need to be successful. And with mochi’s rising popularity, you can easily create a successful donut line centered around this traditional and trendy ingredient — it provides a great canvas for experimenting with added flavors and textures. You’re only limited by how far your imagination… and Mochi Foods Donut dough… will stretch.


Making your special treats come to life requires a few special tools. We’re here to help you find what’s right for you and make the ordering process as easy as possible. Here are a sampling of some of the innovative equipment we offer for a single product, mass production or a complete donut bar concept.

We pride ourselves on our innovative products that utilize high quality food science and molecular gastronomy techniques to create a product that appeals to diners through impactful visuals, tastes, and textures.

Bubble Waffle Machine

Make Hong Kong style bubble waffles from the comfort of your home. 

Automatic Boba Pearls Cooker

Making boba is easier than it looks with the help of this cooker. 

Fun Tex Waffle Maker

This innovative machine comes with your choice of one of 30 different shapes of waffle molds. 

BOBA Machine

Making your own boba in shop is the best way to give your customers the freshest boba possible.


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