Using a Belshaw Fryer and Automatic Depositor

Using a Belshaw Fryer and Automatic Depositor
Using a Belshaw fryer with an automatic depositor is a straightforward process that allows you to efficiently produce consistent and delicious fried products. The automatic depositor is a machine attached to the fryer that dispenses precise amounts of batter or dough into the fryer, ensuring uniformity in your fried items. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a Belshaw fryer with an automatic depositor:

Step 1: Set Up and Preheat the Fryer
- Before using the fryer, ensure it is properly set up and connected to the power source according to the manufacturer's instructions.
- Make sure the fryer is clean and free from any debris or leftover oil from previous use.
- Preheat the fryer to the desired frying temperature. The temperature will depend on the type of product you are frying (e.g., mochi donuts, cake donuts, etc.).

Step 2: Prepare the Automatic Depositor
- Ensure the automatic depositor is securely attached to the fryer and properly aligned.
- Check that the batter or dough is prepared and loaded into the depositor's hopper. The batter or dough should be of the correct consistency for optimal dispensing.

Step 3: Set the Depositor Controls
- Depending on your Belshaw fryer model, you may have different control options for the automatic depositor. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to set the appropriate settings, including the depositing speed and amount.

Step 4: Test the Automatic Depositor
- Before starting full production, perform a test run with the depositor to ensure it is functioning correctly and dispensing the desired amount of batter or dough.

Step 5: Start Production
- Once the depositor is calibrated and tested, you are ready to begin production.
- Position your frying trays or conveyor belt to catch the dispensed batter or dough.
- As the fryer reaches the desired frying temperature, activate the automatic depositor to start dispensing the batter or dough into the hot oil.

Step 6: Fry the Products
- Allow the batter or dough to fry until they reach the desired golden-brown color and are fully cooked.
- Monitor the frying process to ensure the products do not overcook or undercook.

Step 7: Remove and Drain the Fried Products
- Once the products are fully cooked, carefully remove them from the fryer using a skimmer or a slotted spoon.
- Allow the excess oil to drain off the fried products.

Step 8: Finish and Serve
- You can now glaze, coat, or dust the fried products with your desired toppings or flavors.
- Serve the freshly made mochi donuts or other fried items to your customers, and enjoy the delicious results of your Belshaw fryer with an automatic depositor.

Step 9: Cleaning and Maintenance
- After each use, clean the fryer and automatic depositor thoroughly following the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.
- Regularly inspect and maintain the fryer and depositor to ensure they function optimally and to prolong their lifespan.

Using a Belshaw fryer with an automatic depositor streamlines the production process, reduces human error, and ensures consistent product quality. With proper setup, calibration, and maintenance, you can efficiently produce delicious fried products for your customers.

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